Mini Magnet Mount Antenna

Mini Magnet Mount Antenna
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Product Description

Wilson Electronics Magnet Mount Antenna is compact with a low profile, easy to install, removable - transfers from one vehicle to another, and uses a rare earth magnet to attach to vehicle which requires a metal ground plane a minimum of 3.5" in diameter.

Dual band - PCS and Cellular (frequency range 806-894 MHz/1850-1990 MHz), 50 ohms impedance, 2.12 dBi 806-894MHz / 3.12 dBi 1850-1990 MHz antenna gain, omni directional, vertical polarization, 1/4 wavelength 806-894 MHz/9/16 wavelength 1850-1990 MHz, FME female connector. 4.175" whip antenna is made of plastic coated steel wire and includes 10' coax cable RG174.