Wilson Electronics Signalboost™ MobilePro™ Amplifier Kit

Wilson Electronics Signalboost™ MobilePro™ Amplifier Kit
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Product Description

Improve cell phone and data card performance on the road, in your home, or at the office - anywhere you need a stronger cellular signal. Supports multiple cell phones and data cards, works with Cellular (800 MHz) and PCS (1900 MHz) frequencies (call us at 1-800-897-0770 for Nextel/iDEN products). The amplifier can be powered by a computer USB port, a vehicle cigarette lighter adapter, or AC outlet. Designed especially for the businessperson on the go, Wilson’s SignalBoost MobileProTM Amplifier offers the ultimate in portability and flexibility. Boosts signals both TO and FROM a cell site. The MobilePro™ plug-and-play kits include everything a user needs to immediately begin enjoying improved cell signal quality and extended range.

At the core of the MobilePro™ is Wilson's bi-directionial Smart Tecnology. The MobilePro™ provides up to 10 times more power than a typical cell phone alone, thereby increasing data throughput when using a cellular data card and enabling users to stay connected in places they never could before. Wireless operation – no physical connection to cell phone or data card. Wilson's patented technology also protects carrier networks from signal overload.